Peer Assistance and Wellness

NHANA and AANA strive to support the wellbeing of CRNA professionals with resources and information.

NHANA's Peer Assistance and Wellness Committee works to further the objectives of both the AANA Wellness Program and the AANA Peer Assistance Program here in New Hampshire. The two AANA programs work together on key issues of education for the prevention of occupational risk of SUD and addressing the importance of personal health lifestyles for anesthesia professionals.

NH State Peer Advisors:

Rae Ritter
NHANA Chair & State Peer Advisor
Kisha Thompson
State Peer Advisor

Visit the AANA Peer Assistance Directory to find other qualified and current SPAs, available to those seeking help. The AANA Peer Assistance Helpline is 800-654-5167. 

Check our events calendar  for upcoming Wellness related gatherings!