It is typically the state GRC’s responsibility to coordinate and accomplish the state nurse anesthetist association’s statutory and regulatory goals. The primary responsibility for coordinating
those state-level government relations activities rests with the state association and their GRC.

Legislative and regulatory challenges at the state level have increased in frequency and intensity. The political arena is a dynamic, complex environment where multiple professions interact to formulate policy decisions with significant implications for our profession and our patients. It is vital, therefore, that state nurse anesthetist associations recognize and achieve their potential as key players in the development of healthcare initiatives.

The development and implementation of government affairs policies and strategies is a formidable task. The complexity of state government bureaucracy makes it extremely challenging but critically important to significantly influence public policies on behalf of the entire association.

The GRC is also tasked with:

  • Developing a legislative contact network
  • Educating the Public
  • Building coalitions with other groups having similar interests
  • Determining legislative priorities/select issues for action
  • Monitoring legislation
  • Working with the governors office

Effective involvement in the political process is based upon personal familiarity and developing personal relationships with candidates, from which flows access, credibility and persuasiveness. Therefore, CRNA constituents with personal or collective interests must involve themselves in their legislators’ campaigns at the grassroots level with moral, financial and logistical support. This is where our PAC fund is of critical importance. Our PAC money is used to support candidates who have supported, or with some certainty, will support CRNA issues in NH.

So if you have an interest in Government relations, legislation and the political process, please get involved with our committee and donate to the PAC!